Parisa & Jason Star in their very own Love Story

Parisa and Jason’s celebration was one big production from start to finish. This couple starred in their very own love story. The first act saw them marry in the incredibly beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral, a true hallmark of architecture with a music-filled ceremony. The second act was a delicious wedding reception at the magnificent Plaza Ballroom. We think their gorgeous day deserves a standing ovation!


We love Parisa and Jason’s seriously sweet proposal story. As the bride told us: “What an incredible moment. I had spent the morning at the cancer center for a radiotherapy consultation. Jason, along with the help of my sister, organized a surprise wedding proposal. When I arrived home, I walked into a room full of candles and rose petals—and a very nervous guy on one knee who asked me to be his bride. One of the greatest moments of my life!”


“We wanted the ceremony to be romantic and which would focus on our commitment to each other,” Parisa said. “We had a very difficult year and a half leading up to our big day. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in late 2014 and so to celebrate our wedding on April 2, 2016, with family and friends was miraculous. Truly a dream come true! We invited 312 guests—many from overseas—which made it even more special.”


Parisa continued the glamourous theme with her big day look—a one-of-a-kind wedding gown designed exclusively for her by Demetrios. “I had always wanted to wear a gown with a long train, low back and beaded bodice that made me feel like a princess,” she explained. “The dress was perfect, and I was honored to wear it. I also chose to change into a more slimming gown during the reception,” Parisa continued. “This was a creation from theDemetrios Platinum Collection (DP #307). In fact, my friends called it theGatsby dress!”


The most heart-warming moment for Parisa was when she walked down the aisle on the arm of her father. “As long as I can remember, it has been a dream to walk down the aisle feeling like a princess. It was very emotional. I made a point to take in everything that was happening around me—the expressions and familiar faces of those who traveled near and far to celebrate with us.”

After the beautiful wedding ceremony, the couple arrived at the Plaza Ballroom. “I always wanted to have a grand wedding in a ballroom,” Parisa confessed, “with an elegant and romantic feel and decorated with candles and flowers.” Since the hall was quite dark, the couple used flowers in white and soft pink to create a flower wall to brighten the room. “Everyone was mesmerized—including me!”


One of the best moments at the reception was when Parisa tossed her bouquet. “The dancing guests made way for all of the single ladies and I lobbed the bouquet over my shoulder. As it dropped into the hands of the lucky girl, a loud cheer erupted from the guests; it was none other than my sister. What makes this all the more special is that she is now happily engaged.”


The day was filled with happiness, tears, and overwhelming love. It felt as if everyone there had been on a journey together and were here, at last, celebrating the happiest of occasions. Rather than gifting their guests with favors, Parisa and Jason made a donation to the St. Vincent’s Hospital Cancer Centre—a place where the newlyweds are so appreciative of the compassion and support provided during her treatment. As Parisa says, “I will never take for granted the amount of love that was in that room. It was a fairytale, a day that I will treasure forever.”

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